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Café, Olé!

One of our favorite brands to use when renovating kitchens is GE's Café appliances. Not only are they physically beautiful but they are so functional and have technical chef-inspired features. We've used them in a few of our projects now and even added them to one of our own homes!

The matte black and white options are both so versatile and really help elevate and modernize the kitchen spaces. They fuse with the design, instead of being a big 'ole steel eye sore. They're also a great alternative to the beautiful but not-so-wallet-friendly European options.

Matte White Café appliances in the

Matte Black Café appliances in Katie's house

White Café series: Range / Refrigerator / Dishwasher

Black Café series: Refrigerator / Dishwasher / Oven + Cooktop Combo

So what color would you go for, matte black or matte white?!

XO -

The HHI Team



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