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Fangirling for Juniper Print Shop

This seems like a great time for us to share one of our favorite shops and brands, Juniper Print Shop! We've used their art in a ton of our projects - they have a huge selection of options and styles from modern and abstract to landscapes, floral and even a great mix of vintage inspired prints. They have options for buying your art too, you can purchase prints on their beautiful (and sturdy!) matte paper or you can purchase their digital downloads and print them through your local print shop. We love the versatility with their digital downloads, you can check out how we styled some of their prints!

Print: Trails, Photo by Atlas Imagery

Print: Trails, Photo by Erin Feinblatt

Print: Confetti I & II, Photo by Erin Feinblatt

Print: Botanical I & Botanical III, Photo by Raleigh McKinney

We love how adaptable the 'Botanicals' series is! You can mix up the orientation, vertical or horizontal, mix and match AND they work great alone!

Print: Botanical II, Photo by Raleigh McKinney

Print: Botanical III, Photo by Erin Feinblatt

So many of the prints work well together - we love the unexpected pairing of the 'Garden Roses' and 'Hollyhocks'. The smaller 'Botanicals' print is a great compliment to the two with it's neutral color palette. Below, we kept the color of the frames simple, black and white, to keep the focus on the art and to compliment the surrounding elements.

Prints L to R: Botanical II, Garden Roses II, Hollyhocks; Photo by Raleigh McKinney

Small Print: Saltbox

While we love the flexibility that comes with the digital downloads, their custom IKEA print sizes are also amazing! Check out this 55"x79" IKEA print of Seascape II.

They have a wonderful range of paired prints that really do work all around the house! Florals and foliage are pretty compliments to kitchens and bathrooms, while more modern prints work great in living rooms and bedrooms! But don't stick just to that rule of thumb because these prints really do work all over!

Print: Figure II

Keep an eye out on our Instagram! If you're paying close attention, you'll see how often we really do use Juniper Print Shop's art (hint: it's quite a bit)!

XO -

The HHI Team


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