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Give Us A Gallery Wall!

A giant blank wall can seem intimidating. It's a lot of space to cover and the obvious solution, big art, can sometimes be expensive. So we bring you - gallery art and basket walls! These are by no means a new concept but they can be a bit intimidating. Not only are they a cost effective solution to one big piece of art, they are great options for adding color, interest and dimension to rooms!

We did a basket wall using mostly Local + Lejos for Azizi Life baskets in various sizes and colors. We first laid the baskets on the floor in the pattern that we liked (that took about 7-10 tries - we're perfectionists, what can we say!) then actually ended up adding some IKEA placemats on the ends to fill out the 'swoosh'!

If you missed it, check out our Highland House remodel here!

In this living room we mixed art in different, complimenting colored frames. Don't forget to keep the art tones complimentary as well. Adding different styles of art (modern, abstract, animals, etc.) works as long as the colors all tie back together. Here we added a basket in the same color scheme which helped create interest and dimension to the gallery wall!

Don't forget to have your center item(s) at around eye level - this helps keep the gallery wall grounded and creates a space for you to work around + within. Like this gallery wall, all the items are in a rectangular shape to follow the shape of the room.

If you're style is less structured, that's OK! Designer Julie Paterson filled her bedroom wall with beautiful vintage landscape pieces and you know what? It looks perfect!

We love how she stuck to landscape images in various sizes and frames, definitely a wall we would want to wake up and see each morning!

We'll leave you with this other 'swoosh' we did recently from one of our renovations. We do love us a basket wall!

XO -

The HHI Team



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