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Key Items for Styling an Entryway

The entryway has two purposes, it sets the tone of the design vibe throughout your home and acts as a catch-all spot for your everyday things like mail, keys, sunglasses, etc. There are a few important items that you’ll need to create the perfect entryway and we've compiled a list for you - check it out below!

Check out our Charismatic Craftsman house here!

Add an anchoring piece of furniture like a console or bench. Chose what works best for you and/or your family. And don't forget to measure to make sure that whatever you choose fits the space!

We were able to fit both a console and *very* skinny bench here and we love the juxtaposition of the modern metal console with the vintage driftwood bench!

Click on the consoles below to shop

Click on the benches below to shop

Art and mirrors art great ways to immediately set the tone of your home. Is it playful? Eclectic? More serious and moody? Have fun with it!

Have you checked out our Centennial House here?

Shop our art favorites below

Shop our favorite mirrors below

Baskets of various sizes are a great option to keep things organized. For us, they corral all of our kid's shoes and dog accessories like leashes and balls for playing in the yard. A cute bowl basket can be a great spot for keys and smaller items as well. We love searching places like our local Home Goods for cute basket options but shop some online cuties below!

Shop some of our favorite baskets below

Finishing touches like a lamp or vase (try pairing with some stems!) help add height and interest when layering your decorative items. The amount of things you want to add to your console really depends on your style and needs. Either way you go, make sure it reflects you!

Feel like we missed something? Let us know if you need a link! And don't forget to check in on our Instagram to get more entryway inspiration!

XO -

The HHI Team


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