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Mission Street Series: All the Little Things...

When a project gets to the staging phase, our eyes visibly light up and we turn into little girls in the best candy shop in the whole world—it’s game on for us. This is arguably our favorite part of the project, because it’s always the point where we get to see everyone’s hard work come to fruition. Everything already looked great when the house was empty, but we were so excited to get in there and do our thing, bringing all the necessary character back into the house for the next family to enjoy.

We knew that we needed to make the house seem like a functional, modern, comfortable, and safe place for a family to live. Like I mentioned before, it was a big house, with five bedrooms and five bathrooms so there were a lot of rooms to fill, and each had its own personality.

We know that staging and Interior Design traditionally are two very different things, but we like to treat them as if they are the same breed—focusing in on all the little details that make a house really feel like home—bringing in unique plants, clocks, candlesticks, artwork, baskets, towels throws, you name it. Those are all the little touches that really make a house feel like a home. So, making sure that every area has been paid equal attention to is a huge priority of ours. Seriously—you should see our “do-dad” section of the warehouse…it’s a little out of control, but to us, that is what sets us apart from other companies in the industry.

We say this all the time…but if we don’t want to live in the house after we’re done with it, then we haven’t done our jobs. And boy, did we want to live in the Mission Street house when all was said and done.

Katie and I spent four 15-20 hour days moving in and installing. We may have bitten off a little more than we could chew, because we didn’t have any help getting the furniture in to the house, but nonetheless we were able to get it done with some serious teamwork. At around midnight on day four, we popped a bottle of champagne and paused to drink in our surroundings. The vibe of the house was so important to us. Because it was so big, we needed to make sure that the furniture we brought in highlighted how big the space was, while also making it feel cozy and warm. You can be the judge on whether or not we succeeded.

All the work that we had put into this house was about to be put to the ultimate test of being placed on the market, and we could not wait for everyone to see it. It ended up lasting all of ONE DAY before there were multiple offers above asking on the table, and one of the buyers wanted to buy every single item that was in the house! We felt so proud of ourselves and our awesome team, and if that’s not a confidence booster, then I don’t know what is.

On to the next one!


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