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Renovation Glow-ups

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

When home renovations are complete, one of the best + most satisfying parts for us is being able to compare the before and after photos! It is pretty crazy to look back and see what the homes used to look like before being completely transformed...and it's always nice to give ourselves a little pat on the back and think "WE did THAT!"

One of our biggest exterior transformations was The Centennial house. We kept the basic structure of the exterior but updated it to encompass the Spanish revival look and feel that we were going for. We re-textured with a new smooth venetian plaster to give the home a more elevated look, we added the arched entryway for a touch of character and charm, gave the windows and doors a new "pop" color to let them shine, and we added hand-painted Spanish-style tiles to the stair risers to really hit it home.

We also freshened up the landscaping (which will grow in more as time goes on), and leveled out the grass to just take the curb appeal up one more notch. We absolutely love how the exterior came together!


The primary suite in The Fleur House got a total makeover, it's honestly worlds away from where is was. Almost everything in this room was replaced and remodeled-and we don't regret a siingle thing about it! We absolutely adore The Fleur House, in allll of its beautiful French Countryside glory!

If you can't already tell, the HHI gals loooove us some arches! So in this renovation, we carried the arched details throughout the home to allow the different spaces to flow seamlessly together.


The primary bedroom at The Palm House went from dusty and musty to clean bright and beautiful. Not gonna lie, there was a lot to be done on this renovation, but it was absolutely proof that home glow-ups do exist!

When it came to staging, we styled the bedroom with an iron upholstered bed frame. Since we were going for a natural and balanced look in this room, we wanted to bring in contrasting tones. It was the perfect opportunity to use one of our favorite prints from Juniper Print Shop!


The best way to describe The Highland House living room before the renovation was honestly just "blahhh"... it was so brown and dated. It's hard to believe that this is the same space! Probably the biggest transformation here was re-facing the fireplace with a creamy white limestone veneer. It updated the space so much and made the room so much brighter and lighter, but still felt warm and inviting. We utilized the space to the right of the fireplace by adding custom built-ins. Now, it's more practical and provides awesome storage.


The Black Rock Beach House, our lovely short-term rental property has an outdoor shower, which is actually amazing since the property is just steps away the sandy beach.

Before we added this living wall of greenery, the space was bare and felt a bit exposed. Now, we're actually obsessed with the tropical vibe this accent added to the front of the home! Bonus, it helps us keep our property from getting flooded with sand during every stay!


We love to compare the before and afters of all the different parts of our renovations. It's so fulfilling and rewarding, and honestly just really damn satisfying! We can't wait to share more with y'all soon!


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