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How to Make a Statement

We’ve talked about our love of steel and glass before …. and we just executed some stuff that dreams are made of with our friend Anna, the super badass chick that runs @bananas_and_hammocks. She helped us come up with a creative and modern statement wall alternative for our recent Highland House project. Because sometimes drywall can be so dang boring! Right!?

From The Highland House

From The Highland House

When creating a large statement piece in a home, try not to distract from it too much with the surrounding furniture and fixtures. Instead, add pieces that compliment each other with a solid and cohesive color palette. For example, since we went with a California Casual modern vibe for this project and knew that we wanted to have the steel and glass walls, we kept most of the hardware matte black with pops of antiqued brass and added natural stone and organic elements to juxtapose the textures. The result - something not too cold and harsh, not too warm and cozy, but just right.

Now maybe adding a 21’ long wall of steel and glass isn’t in your budget. We get it! There are plenty of other ways to add some beautiful statement pieces into your home that don’t have to involve demo and/or reno or a big ol’ budget. Check out some of our favorites below.

Statement Furniture + Art

We kept the console table and art as the main focal point of this room and added natural textures in a neutral color palette to help balance the space.

Statement Fixture

This oversized chandelier draws the eye up with its design and drama. Bonus, you can change up the bulbs for different looks! Edison bulbs will give it a more industrial look while small, frosted white bulbs are a fun nod to Mid-Century design.

Statement Wall

While we love ourselves a good gallery wall, we're total basket cases these days! These are a great way to add texture and a pop of color to any room. Baskets via Local + Lejos.



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