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Baby Gear:

We have a Pack & Play portable crib, as well as a high chair for your little ones. Please let us know if you need these, and we will provide them for your stay.


The Bar:

The Blackrock Beach Bar is for your enjoyment. We have provided a variety of mixers, bitters and bar tools, all free to use. The liquor bottles are $25 each if you decide to open them. Please leave cash or check in the top drawer in the bar.


Beach Access:

The beach access is just at the end of Orchid Rd, around the corner from the house. There is a keycard on a yellow lanyard that will be left on the kitchen counter. You need this keycard for both entry and exit from the staircase. Please note that the hill to get to and from the beach is paved, but rather steep, so use caution. In the event that the beach keycard is lost or not returned, you will be charged $75 to replace it, so please keep track of it!


Beach Equipment:

We have a variety of beach equipment, such as chairs, an umbrella, a beach bag and some beach games, all available for your use and stored in the garage. Please put everything back where you found it when you finish using them, and please inform us if anything is lost or damaged.



The Blackrock Beach House comes with a fleet of 6 bikes, available for your use. There are 4 adult bikes and 2 kids bikes, as well as 2 baby seats that can be attached to the adult bikes. We also provide 1 helmet per bike. We hope you enjoy them, but please note that the bikes are to be used at your own risk! *Bike Maps are included in the back of the Guide Book at the house.

Bike Locks:

There are two bike locks in the garage with keyed locks. If you plan to leave the bikes unattended away from the property, please lock them up!


Check Out:

Check out is at 10:00am unless extended by your host. Please leave the beach keycard on the counter and leave all soiled towels on the ground or in the tub. Please load all dirty dishes into the dishwasher, take out the trash and do your best to leave the house as tidy as possible upon check out!


Cleaning Supplies:

There are common cleaning supplies, extra trash bags, a broom, etc. in the hall closet. Please feel free to use anything in there to keep the house tidy.

Climate Control:

The air conditioner and heat are controlled using the Nest Thermostats the in the hallway by the front door. We will have the home set to a comfortable temperature when you arrive, but if you wish to change it you may do so using the thermostat. The unit on the right controls the bedroom side of the house, and the one on the left controls the Living Room, Kitchen, Lounge and Loft. If you have any issues, let us know and we can adjust the temperature remotely.


The Blackrock Beach House comes equipped with a Nespresso machine, and is stocked with a variety of single use coffee pods for your enjoyment. If you’d like an introduction on how to use the machine or run out of pods during your stay, please contact your host. Additional pods can be purchased for $12 per sleeve (10 pods per sleeve).

Extra Linens & Towels:

You can find extra linens & towels in the hall closet. Feel free to use them if needed.

Front Door Lock:

The Blackrock Beach House has a Smart Lock on the front door. You will be given a unique unlock code when you check in. This will be your code to access the home for the duration of your stay. To lock the door, simply press the “Yale” logo at the top of the lock.



We’ve stocked the house with a variety of games for the whole family. They are located in the console table under the TV in the living room. Please put the games back in the boxes when you are finished with them, and inform your host if anything is missing from a game.


The gardener comes to maintain the property every other Friday. Please don’t be alarmed if you see them out there on Friday mornings!


Please try to keep sand out of both the hot tub and house as much as possible. There is an outdoor shower in the front of the house that you can use to rinse all sand off before you enter. If you have sand on your shoes/sandals, please take them off before you enter the house.


We have provided a number of snacks for your enjoyment, free of charge! Anything in the fridge or pantry cabinets is for your use.


Like all beaches in Santa Barbara, you may find tar on your feet after walking on the sand. Please check the bottoms of your feet and try to wipe this off before entering the house.

*Pro Tip: Makeup remover wipes are great for removing tar!


Trash goes in the brown trash can in front of the house. Recycling goes in the blue bin. Please be sure to not put trash in the recycling, and remember to not put your recycling in a plastic trash bag. Trash is collected on Mondays. Please pull your trash cans to the curb if possible. If not, a host may come over to pull them to the curb for you.



The TVs are connected to the internet and have access to all of the popular streaming apps. Feel free to login to your favorite app and use it during your stay, just remember to log out before you leave!


The laundry room is for your convenience. Detergent is in the cabinet above the washing machine. Please do not overload the machines, as they may not get your clothes cleaned or dried if they are overloaded.

Wifi Network:

The network name is "Hearth Homes Guest" and does not require a password. (The "Blackrock Beach House" network is password protected and used for administrative purposes only.)

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