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More Mesa Shores:


More Mesa Shores is a quiet, semi-rural residential neighborhood that was developed in the 70s. Previously, it was all agricultural land, and housed a number of nurseries and orchid farms. Two orchid farms still exist in the neighborhood, and welcome walk-in guests! Being a semi-rural neighborhood, you won’t find street lights or sidewalks, so take caution if walking around at night. Please be respectful of our neighborhood and neighbors. People are very sensitive to noise here, so please keep any loud noises inside, especially after quiet hours (10pm - 7am).


More Mesa Shores Beach Access:


Our neighborhood HOA maintains the private beach access at the end of Orchid Lane. You need a keycard for entrance and exit. Please note that there is a relatively steep hill that is paved before you get to the stairs. Anyone with disabilities or anyone who has trouble with steep hills should take a look before they go down to the beach.


More Mesa Open Space:


The More Mesa Open Space is truly one of Santa Barbara’s most treasured gems. Miles and miles of untouched open space, with over a mile of oceanfront bluffs with views that will take your breath away. It is the perfect place for morning runs, leisurely walks with the family, or to just explore and take in the sights. Access to the More Mesa Open Space is just at the entrance to our neighborhood. When walking on the bluffs, please use caution, as there is no railing or fence of any kind!


The Beach:


The beach is incredibly quiet and private. Although some people hike down the cliffs at the eastern edge of the beach, it is predominantly used by our neighborhood. Please be respectful of people you meet on the beach, as they are likely our neighbors! Also, and very importantly, please don’t leave any trash or clutter on the beach. Make sure you pack up and bring out everything you bring down there. There are trash bins at the top of the hill by the gate for your convenience.


The Santa Barbara Orchid Estate:


The Santa Barbara Orchid Estate, which you’d see on your left as you approach our house on Orchid Drive, was founded in 1957. It is world renowned for its collection of orchid species and hybrids, and walking the grounds is to be transported to a different world, although be prepared for a slightly more “natural” environment as compared to Cal-Orchid, just down the road. They have hundred of beautiful plants for sale, as well.




Whereas the SB Orchid Estate is wild and natural, Cal-Orchid is clean, orderly and immaculately maintained. Founded in 1987 by Jim and Lauris Rose, Cal-Orchid boasts over 50,000 square feet of growing space. The Roses are very generous with their time, and if you’d like they are happy to teach you all about Orchids and the Santa Barbara Horticulture scene. Fun Fact, Jim is a devout Buddhist, and actually sub-leases part of his property to a very small Buddhist Temple. The American Buddhist Meditation Temple is tucked away at the back of his property, and they welcome any visitors who have an interest in Buddhist meditation. You can find more information at


Bike Path:


The Santa Barbara Bike Path Network passes just by our neighborhood, and is a great way to spend a day exploring. You can jump on the path at Patterson Ave., just before the road turns into Shoreline Drive. If you go left, you’ll get to Goleta State Beach in about 5 minutes, and UCSB in about 10 minutes. If you go right, you’ll be heading toward Downtown Santa Barbara. You will want to research your route before you leave, however, as the path isn’t fully contiguous. You can find the map of the route in the back of the binder.

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