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Check Out:

Check out is at 10:00am unless extended by your host. Please leave all soiled towels on the ground or in the shower. Please load all dirty dishes into the dishwasher, take out the trash and do your best to leave the house as tidy as possible upon check out!


Cleaning Supplies:

There are common cleaning supplies, extra trash bags etc. in the kitchen cabinets. A vacuum can be found in the bedroom closet. Please feel free to use anything you need to keep the house tidy.

Climate Control:

The air conditioner and heat are controlled using the Nest Thermostat in the bedroom. We will have the home set to a comfortable temperature when you arrive, but if you wish to change it you may do so using the thermostat. You can control the unit by tapping your finger on the right side of the unit. You can then slide your finger up and down along the side to make adjustments. If you have any trouble, please let us know and we can adjust the temperature remotely.


We have provided a coffee maker & filters for your convenience. If you run low on filters, please let us know and we will purchase some more.

Extra Linens & Towels:

You can find extra linens & towels in the bedroom closet. Feel free to use them if needed.

Front Door Lock:

The Park House has a Smart Lock on the front door, and on the front gate. You will be given the unlock code when you check in. This will be your code to access the home for the duration of your stay. To lock the door, simply press the “Yale” logo at the top of the lock.


The gardener comes to maintain the property every other Monday. Please don’t be alarmed if you see them out there on Monday mornings!


If you would like to have our house cleaner come during your stay, just let us know and we can arrange it. There is a $200 fee for each cleaning.


Trash goes in the brown trash can in the trash enclosure on the driveway. Recycling goes in the blue bin. Please be sure to not put trash in the recycling. Trash is collected on Tuesdays. Please never block the trash enclosure with any cars so the trash collectors can access the cans.


The TV is connected to the internet and have access to all of the popular streaming apps. Feel free to login to your favorite app and use it during your stay, just remember to log out before you leave!


There is a washer & dryer in the cabinet below the TV for your convenience. Note that the cabinet doors can be slid back into the cabinet to get them out of the way. Detergent is in the jar on the counter above the machines. Please do not overload the machines, as they may not get your clothes cleaned or dried if they are overloaded.

Wifi Network:

The network name is "Hearth Homes Guest" and does not require a password.

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