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A Case for Throw Pillows

There are lots of great ways to add add style and warmth to a space, whether that means using vintage and brass accents, throwing in some greenery, using lots of cozy accents, mixing in cool art pieces or one of our personal favorites, layering throw pillows. To be honest, we probably have way too many throw pillows--but hey, can you really blame us? There are so many shops out there today with really good, beautiful options that deliver style in a big way but don't break the bank, and also some lovely, higher end options worth investing in. We've been seeing lots of jaw-dropping pillow styling moments lately, so we thought we'd share some of those that caught our eye as well as some of our own. Take a look and tell us about your pillow style in the comments below!

We love when we see a good rug-and-pillow combo--that is, when the throw pillows in a room tie in with the rug to create a super pulled together, complete look. It doesn't have to be too match-y match-y, but simply mimicking a pattern or color in the rug with your throw pillows has an awesome, tailored effect.

Our pillows come from all over the place, whether they're vintage or new, and these are a couple that we're crushing on lately!

Sometimes, all you need is one! Using throw pillows doesn't have to be a study in layering (although obviously we love that, too) and one bold pillow can definitely stand alone.

We can't post a blog about throw pillows without showing you some awesome bedroom situations. Sometimes throw pillows are the main statement piece in a room, and sometimes they complement the accessories and furniture around them, but we don't hate it either way ;)

What style pillows are you crushing on these days?

XO -

The HHI Team



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