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A Productive Place

As we all know, and now more than ever as places begin to shut down again, COVID-19 has caused drastic changes to the way we're currently carrying out our everyday lives. One of the biggest adjustments many of us are facing is navigating how to productively and effectively work from home. As this is now the norm for a great deal of people, we thought we'd discuss the importance of creating a designated at-home work space and how beneficial that can be! Working from home doesn't have to mean working from the couch - creating a desk space can help give you the inspiration and motivation you need in order to tackle your work day. We thought we'd share with ya'll some of our favorite work spaces we've staged as well as tips to constructing your very own productive place!

Image by @raleighjean_

Keep It Simple!

A work from home space is an area where "less is more" often applies. We love this desk space we created at one of our recent staging projects and believe it is the perfect example of keeping things simple. By choosing to use a neutral color pallet and limiting our doodads, we were able to cultivate a very calming energy, allowing you to sit down at your clutter-free space with a clutter-free mind and focus focus focus!

Image by @raleighjean_

Comfort is Key

If working from home is now your reality, we say ditch the typical office chair and step it up a notch! In this space we chose to use one of our favorite chairs from Restoration Hardware and here's why- its comfy seat cushion, lumbar pillow, back support and swivel feature all make it the perfect place to sit for hours at a time. If you're going to work from home let's at least make it comfy!

Find Your Nook

Alright let's be real ya'll, not all of us are lucky enough to have an entire room dedicated to a home office, and that's OK! We're here to tell you that you don't need one. What you will need, however, is a little bit of creativity and innovation! This photo from #ThePalmHouse shows how we took advantage of a calming bedroom window by turning it into a very useful space. A prime example of finding a nook and creating a productive place!

Image by @raleighjean_

Let the Light In

When choosing where to set up your #WFH zone, we think it's important to take natural light into consideration, like we did here! The bright natural lighting of a room can work wonders and can completely transform your work space. Natural light has proven to boost your mood as well as your productivity, so for our last little tip - let the light in!

At a time where the majority of us are working from home, and the foreseeable future, we hope that you found this post helpful and that it inspires you to create your very own productive place!

XO -

The HHI Team


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