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Diving into Doodads

Here at Hearth Homes "doodad-ing" is a thing, like, a major thing. Let us explain... When staging a home one of our last steps is doodad-ing each room. This is where we go through and add in all the little details, such as styling the coffee table, nightstands, any shelving, etc. Placing in these smaller pieces are what can take a house and make it feel like a home, so we thought we'd go room by room and share some some ways to decorate with doodads!

The Living Room

The living room of your home is the perfect place to put your favorite doodads on display, allowing you to share them with your guests as well as simply enjoying them yourself.

Open shelving is a great opportunity to have some fun with your doodads! Curating your collection can give your space that extra touch. We like to mix materials when styling shelving, like placing metal sculptural items next to more natural elements, such as baskets and plants. This will add visual interest and contrast and can give your space more depth.

The coffee table is also a great spot for your doodads and is a place where less can be more. Here is an example where we chose to keep it simple by placing a coffee table book with one of our favorite accessories, beads. This is just enough to create and put forth your sense of style, while still leaving plenty of room for the functional side of things.

The Kitchen

We tend to find beauty in every day kitchen items. Ceramic, wood, and glass materials are some of our favorites, so why not show them off?! Here we've layered a cutting board, a bread basket and a jute place mat. Not only does this highlight the beauty of these common items, it also creates easy access for daily use!

The Bedroom

Although bedside tables don't typically offer much space, they still deserve doodads! We like to add in items like candles, plants, books, and clocks into bedrooms. These contribute to creating a sense of calm in your space and can help to add character to your bedroom.

The Bathroom

Last but not least, the bathroom! You may not have given styling your bathroom much thought, but trust us, it's worth it! By placing your bath salts by your tub, adding in plants, or throwing your hand soaps in a pretty glass jar, you can easily give your bathroom a spa like feel. This space may not require much, but by adding just a few things you can truly transform the space.

We think it's safe to say that doodads can have a huge impact on your space and that the little things don't go unnoticed! Not only can these details add aesthetic value to your home, they can be functional and practical as well, giving you the best of both worlds! Now get to doodad-ing y'all!

Where's your next doodading project?


The HHI Team


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