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Styling Your Space With Greenery

There are so many different avenues you can go down to make your home feel authentic, cozy and polished but one of our favorite ways to finish off a space is with greenery. It instantly adds a dose of color and life to a space, even if you are like us and need to use faux plants vs the real thing - we cannot, to our dismay, keep a plant thriving! Ugh.

Greenery, whether small or big (like a tree) really helps make a space feel more homey. It brings the outdoors inside and brightens up a space - yes, even if the plants are fake! Bonus, it can help fill in trouble corners!

Adding small plants to a built ins like this brings not only color but life to a blank canvas.

Kitchen greens are a great way to add greenery without the price tag (cut some stems from your property!) or the commitment.

Here we cut fresh olive branches for the master bedroom in our Highland House.

Leave a comment on your favorite type of greenery to use in your home!

XO -

The HHI Team



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