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The Power of Plants

Today we're talking about one of our favorite accessories and secret weapons, plants! Adding plants to your home can give the space so much life - literally! - and is one of our must have, finishing touches for all projects. We're going to show you how we've used some of our favorite plants in past projects, as well as different settings and ways to use them, enjoy!

Statement Trees

Alright, we have lots to say about this dreamy situation right here. This is a great example of using statement trees in a space. Not only do these trees give the room such a breath of fresh air, but they also help bring your line of sight upwards, creating the illusion of much higher ceilings and therefore make the room feel that much bigger!

Fiddle Leaf Figs

Being stagers we tend to use faux plants, as we won't be there to take care of real ones, and these Fiddle Leaf Figs are some of our most used to date. Their perfectly lush leafs always seem to add just the right touch to every room. What's better than having one big fiddle leaf? Having two, duh!

Accent Plants

This photo shows how we've successfully used a medium sized plant in a space. Although it may not be the center of attention, this baby is definitely a key player. In addition to adding that perfect green color, it also brings out and enhances all of the other surrounding natural elements in the room.

Olive Trees

Ladies and gentlemen, the olive tree! This tree has easily become one of our most favorite, and can you blame us!? We find this beauty to be one of the more sophisticated plants out there, adding the perfect, soothing color and texture to any room.

Filler Plants

We love this shot and how it shoes our filler plants in action! Open shelving and built ins are the perfect place to incorporate smaller plants, like we did here. The juxtaposition between the handmade and sculptural objects, such as the candle sticks and books, alongside the organic elements of plants, make for well rounded visual interest.

Our Palm House Renovation, photo by Erin Feinblatt


Succulents come in so many different shapes, colors, and sizes and that's what we love most about them. Because they are one of the most versatile species, you can find the perfect type for any space. Here we've used two different types - a longer, cascading succulent, and a smaller, tighter arrangement, both adding largely to this scenario. Moral of the story, we love us a succulent!

Photo by Atlas Imagery

If you're feeling like your space could use a little pick me up, add a plant! Plants can transform any plain space and give your room that finished look. Whether they're real or faux (no judgement here!) they're sure to do the trick!

XO -

The HHI Team


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